Traditionally, it is not the editor's role to tamper with the writer's voice. Editing is conservative: the editor should strive to winnow out the chaff and preserve the grain, with the least amount of tampering. That said, if the publishing environment dictates that a piece be written to a particular style or with a particular angle, the editor may intervene more deeply. Or where the writer is more novice, or — as is sometimes the case — not a writer at all, the editor may likewise work deeper in the content.

Included here are copyedited, line edited, and developmentally edited pieces — and also pieces completely restructured and rewritten, overstepping the traditional editor's role in service of the corporate or publisher client. Acting, in other words, as writer or ghostwriter. 


Common Myths about Web Development

Want to be a developer? It’s not as simple as you might think. You could be forgiven for thinking that a discipline based in science, logic, and reason would be easy to be a part of. You’d think that you could start by learning how to program in one of the many disciplines, whether that be mobile, web, API, or embedded development, and that you could then continue the journey—increasing your skills, regularly learning more—for as long as your passion, education, and creativity could sustain. You’d think it’d be that straightforward.
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Preparing and curating your data for machine learning

To design and implement a successful machine learning (ML) project, you often need to collaborate with multiple teams, including those in business, sales, research, and engineering. Understanding the essentials of gathering and preparing your data is crucial to align teams and to get the project off the ground. This post will leave you with a list of common guidelines for assessing and preparing data for ML. If you’re involved in an ML project, and even if you have minimal technical... // Developmental and line editing

The Once and Future City

A city both age-old and on the cutting edge, Tokyo is a study in contrast. Hushed, mist-shrouded Shinto shines and meticulously manicured classical gardens sit within arms’ reach of psychedelic neon alleys, futuristic skyscrapers, and squeaky clean transit stations featuring the fastest and sleekest trains ever built. It’s also a city of immense civility and quiet calm. The Japanese obsession with perfection and mastery of skill infuses everything here, from humble street food to high-end fas...

Colorful, Creative, Cosmopolitan

The fourth-largest city in India, Chennai (the former Madras) is a vibrant metropolis brimming with energy. The population is exuberantly friendly; the cuisine, sizzling and spicy. And there are wonderful things to see in Chennai and plenty to do. Attractions in Chennai are centered around a striking mix of ancient Indian landmarks and the remnants of colonial rule. Perhaps the perfect place to start is the Government Museum, also known as the Madras Museum, housed in the six-building Pantheo...

A City of Contrasts and Fusions

Frenetic and fun, colorful and crowded, Bangkok is a dynamic city. This sprawling, street-food-packed metropolis teems with colors and flavors, making a visit here a thrilling treat for the senses. Bangkok’s appeal lies in its many contradictions: it’s a bustling city with pockets of peaceful retreats, an intricate network of highways and high-speed trains that is nevertheless grounded in tradition and steeped in civility, hospitality and old-world charm. This is a city where the orange-clad ...

HPE Living Progress Report 2017

Humanity is at an inflection point. Climate change, population growth, security, and inequality are among the most critical challenges of our time. How will the world support the one and a half billion people predicted to be added to the global population by 2050 when we already exceed the sustainable limits of our planet? We are placing ever-increasing burdens on our resources and ecosystems. At the same time, technology is transforming the way we live and work in very positive ways...

The First MicroRTS Artificial Intelligence Competition

The first microRTS (µRTS) AI competition was hosted at the IEEE Computational Intelligence in Games (CIG) 2017 conference. The goal of the competition is to spur research on artificial intelligence techniques for real-time strategy (RTS) games. RTS games are a genre of video games that are notoriously difficult for AI techniques (Buro 2003) since, compared to traditional board games such as Chess or Go, they have a very large state space and a very large branching factor. Additionally, these games are executed in real time, which leaves little time to decide a move...

The Taboo Challenge Competition

Games have always been a popular domain of AI research, and they have been used for many recent competitions. Reaching human-level performance, however, often either focuses on comprehensive world knowledge or solving decision-making problems with unmanageable solution spaces. Building on the popular Taboo board game, the Taboo Challenge Competition addresses a different problem — that of bridging the gap between the domain knowledge of heterogeneous agents trying to jointly identify a concept without making reference to its most salient features.

9.4 Album Picks

My Danish dude is back. Full Crate is one of the finest producers of soul music not on American soil. His ability to cross genres and still apply a soulful touch is proving an asset in his latest release, the Vogue EP, a modern, post-Drake, global club opus. My introduction to Full Crate was with vocalist Mar back in 2010. The Danish duo make music together as Full Crate x Mar, their Dilla-soul-Ummah style provided by Full Crate’s production and Mar’s timeless R&B crooning. I was an instant fan.

Day Trip: Palo Alto

Head out to the birthplace of Silicon Valley, where you can walk the historic streets that helped shape the technology industry of today. Visit the landmarks, sample fresh and local menus, satisfy that sweet tooth. There’s something for everyone in this beautiful city. Start your journey, naturally, on the tree-lined streets of downtown, just to the east of the Stanford campus. Begin your day with a smooth latte from Blue Bottle Coffee, one of the largest and finest specialty coffee roasters ...

Art Party

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon at the house of Anne Sconberg and Mark Henderson—the brainpower, along with partner Georgie Huff, behind Anne and Mark’s Art Party. The house itself, purchased in 2007, was instrumental to the start of the Art Party. After the title documents were signed, friends and family expected a fun housewarming. But they didn’t expect what came next. Creatives that they are, Anne and Mark did more than place wine on the bar and cheese on the table.

5 Brands Pioneering the Wild West of Facebook Live

This year, Facebook made it clear to the world that live video is going to be a major part of our lives. The company announced that they will push Live videos to the top of our News Feeds, based in part on which people and which Pages we follow, and that we’ll be receiving push notifications whenever accounts go live. According to Facebook, “Live is the best way to interact with viewers in real time. Field their burning questions, hear what’s on their mind and check out their Live Reactions to gauge how your broadcast is going.”

How to Grow Your Social Media Following Beyond YouTube

One of the great things about video is that you can use it in many ways. While growing your influence on YouTube may be your ultimate goal, it’s important not to forget about other networks that place high value on video as well. Facebook, for example, has stepped up its game in terms of making sure videos uploaded directly to their platform get higher organic reach. Instagram has even taken Snapchat’s lead with videos that expire in 24 hours.

Why Menu Promotions Plus Location Targeting Are Fast Food Marketing's Secret Sauce

Step into a fast food restaurant at any given time, and you'll find the menu isn't what it used to be. While tried and true favorites are always present, fast food chains are notorious for peppering them with menu promotions—new items available only for a limited time. Arby's, for example, has the Super Reuben. McDonald's has Gilroy Garlic Fries. Burger King has Mac n' Cheetos. And consumers eat them up.


Juan Sanchez loved the city. He would wander the streets, marveling at the cool morning fog, the majesty of the skyline, and the fact that everyone seemed to be smart, creative, and interesting. This was the place for the young and bright, and he thought for a time that it was his place, too. After all, living the dream life in San Francisco means you’d made it big. But success had always seemed to come easily to Sanchez, a wunderkind who rose quickly through the ranks at a high-profile tech firm and then realized his dream of starting his own company, a boutique digital marketing firm, Baunfire.
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